Breaking News

Well, I guess it is no longer “breaking news” about the Blizzard in Oklahoma. We got up Tuesday morning to snow coming down fast and furious. Before it was over we had 20 inches of snow on the ground. I know for people further north, that is not a big deal, but for us in Oklahoma, it is. The snow was on top of 1/2 – 1 inch of ice. We had drifts 3 – 4 feet high around the house.

Because we are responsible for the animals that live on our farm we can’t close. I found the following on FB and posted it to my page. It pretty well sums it up.

“BREAKING NEWS: There will be no farms closed due to the blizzard. Each and every farmer will be out in the blistery, cold, blowing wind and heavy snow fall tending to their livestock. They will be praying for machinery to work and non-frozen water pipes. If you know or love a farmer, say a prayer for him or her and post so that the prayer line may grow that our farmers be safe.”

The animals are doing fine. Even though it was -7 this morning with a wind chill of -21. We have 2 nannies in the barn and our two kids from last spring. The nannies are due next week, but I didn’t want to take a chance of them being early. We have the heated dog waters in for them. They have to be checked and filled 2-3 times a day, because they don’t hold a lot of water, but at least they can get a drink when they need to.

The llamas are loving it. I swear you can see them smiling. We brushed the snow and ice off their hay pile so they could eat and they were happy about that. I opened up to the other pen so they could have more shelter, but they just go over there to eat and come back to the other pen.

The goats don’t like the cold and snow like the llamas, alpaca and Great Pyrenees dogs, but seem to be doing fine. We have been lucky and not lost electricity so the water heaters are working for everyone.

I think the road graders were out yesterday and graded our road, but that doesn’t help get us out of our drive way. We tried to 4-wheelers and got them both stuck. Thank goodness we don’t HAVE to get out.

I’ll keep you posted on the nannies and will be posting pictures when we have new kids.

Here are some more pictures of what we have been working in the last couple of day.

If you look real close between the gate and building you can see Duke’s nose and eyes.

Dutchess is smiling in the pictures. Duke is just enjoying the attention and yes that is me, Myra, all bundled up, with three shirts, three pairs of pants, 3 pairs of socks and gloves, plus the overalls! Still got cold. It takes longer to “suit-up” and undress than you can stand to stay outside.

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