New Kids

It has been busy couple of week at GraysLland Acres. Cookie, our Lamancha, had twins on the day it was -28 degrees. The male didn’t make it because of the cold and the female made it until the second day. I stayed up with her the first night and she was nursing and I thought doing better. I kept them in my soap house where it was warmer, but the next morning she was so weak. I brought her in the house and we tube fed her and put her in a box with a heater blowing on it, but it wasn’t enough. I had named her Candi, she was almost all white and a pretty little girl. It is always so hard to lose an animal because to us they are more than livestock.

A week later Brownie, our Alpine/Nubian cross, had triplets. The first one, a female, was badly deformed and didn’t make it, but the other two, a female and a male are doing great. We named them Bettie and Barney. I wanted to post pictured, but I can’t seem to download, so you will have to go to my facebook page to see the photos there.

Wednesday I found a Lamancha baby on Craig’s list and made a deal to go get him on Thursday. My sister and i are always up for an adventure so Thursday afternoon we headed to Okemah in Dad’s old truck. We found where he was and I fell in love with the little guy. He was older and bigger than I expected, but I wanted him so I could see if Cookie would raise him. I figured either was I would get a Lamancha buck out of the deal, not matter who raises him, Cookie or me. I had brought along a box, and we put the box in the front seat between us and headed for home. It was dark and we knew the dash lights were not working, so we used a flashlight to see how fast we were going. We got about 3 miles from home when we found out our tail lights didn’t work. This was thanks to a highway patrol man pulling us over and giving us a warning about it. We showed him the goat and he let us drive on home with our flashers on.

When we got the baby goat home, we named him Oreo because he is black in the front, black behind and white in the middle, we put Cookie on the milk stand and he got up there and started nursing. She was not to sure about it all, so Steve had to hold her back legs. It didn’t take him long to milk her out. Friday morning, she stood a little better and she has done better every time we put her on the stand. We have been keeping them in the barn at night together, but she is not letting him nurse unless she is on the stand. We have been putting them outside with the goats and dogs during the day. Oreo is eatting hay and grain and seems to be settled in at his new home.

Tonight I put Brownie on the stand and let Oreo nurse her, so I didn’t have to milk. He is going to be a little butterball, if I keep this up.

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