What’s new?

We have a couple of new goats at Graylland Acres. We tried all fall to find a couple more Nubian nanny goats and didn’t have any luck, so when I saw some milk goats advertised in the paper, I decided why not.

We now have an Alpine/Nubian cross and a full blood LaMancha. They are both dairy goats, but both very different from our Nubians.

The Alpine dairy goat is a medium to large size animal. They are alert and graceful and the only breed with upright ears that offers all colors and combinations of colors giving them distinction and individuality. They are hardy, adaptable animals that thrive in any climate while staying healthy. They have a straight face and a Roman nose.

The LaMancha dairy goat is noted for its apparent lack of, or much reduced, external ears. The are medium in size and are noted for a generally calm, quiet and gentle temperament.

Both girls are due to kid around Valentines Day. Brownie, the Alpine/Nubian cross is bred to an Alpine buck. Cookie, the LaMancha, is bred to a LaMancha buck. We are very excited to see what our new kids will look like.

Our farm is now diversified. We have goats with long, droopy ears (the Nubians), we have a goat with almost no ears (the LaMancha) and we have a goat that has ears that stick out. They are longer than an Alpine’s but do not droop like the Nubian.

We have vocal goats (the Nubians) and we have quiet goats (both the Alpine and LaMancha).

The Alpine, Brownie, was milked last year, so she know about the milking process. She isn’t the easiest to catch, but since she understand what is going on we are in hopes she will be easy to get in the barn.

The LaMancha, Cookie, will be a first time momma. I had her on the milking stand and was able to trim her feet and shave her to get her ready for the birthing process. She did a real good job, once we got her on the stand.

So now you know – what’s new at Grayslland Acres

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