Tulsa State Fair 2015

We just finished the Tulsa State Fair last week and  had 11 days of “Goat-tastic” fun. The theme at the fair was “goat-tastic” which worked very well for my booth of Made in Oklahoma, goat milk products.

I always enjoy getting to see and talk to everyone and show them any new products I might have. This year there were no new products but I did have some new fragrances of soaps and lotions and some new flavors in my lip balms. Some of the new soaps fragrances include charcoal with tea tree oil; Frankincense and Myrrh; Dragons Blood and more. New lip balm flavors are peach, chocolate and Pina Colada (since Margarita was so popular) Check out the web site for more.

It was a great time for us and I want to thank you for some of the new product suggestions. I am trying to come incorporate some of your suggestions, so keep checking the website to see what has change.

Those of you that visited got to see our new look in the booth. It worked really well for us.

This was the highlight of the fair for me. I got to meet LeAnne Taylor, Alan Crone and Will Kavanagh of Chanel 6 news. LeAnn liked my shirt!


We were happy to see M C Swab of Fly the Coop. You can visit her blog at www.flythecoop.tv

Fall is in the air, I can tell that because our buck, Butch, is really smelly right now. I have put 5 does in with him, so in about 5 months we will start the birthing season. I have 5 more does to move, but will be waiting until the first of November to do that. As you can see, it will be a busy Spring, but I must say that is my favorite time of year. I love seeing the babies born and watching them grow up. If you would like to plan a farm visit, just let me know when and we will make it work. Of course April and May will be the best time to visit because that is when we will have the most kids.

Myra – the Crazy Goat Lady of GraysLland Acres

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