The TOP 10 Happenings of Grayslland Acres – 2015

#10 We had another fun year here on the farm, getting to show people around the farm and for them to   get a little idea of what a goat farm is all about. We love showing off our animals.

#9 Having animals has its ups and downs. The down side is when we lose pets that we love. This year we lost Peaches, our poodle, & Duke and Dexter, two of our Great Pyrenees. We also lost 8 goats, mostly to parasites

#8 The upside is getting new pets. We now have Jazzy, a cock-a-poo who is keeping Missy company in the house and we have Simba, who is a 10 month old Great Pyrenees and George who is an 8 week old Pyrenees and Anatolian cross. They will be helping Diva keep our goats safe.

#7 We had lots of baby goats this spring and look to have even more this year. Right now we have 9 nannies, 1 buck, 3 doelings and 4 bucklings. For a total of 17!

#6 We have 5 llamas. No new additions this year, but we did sell one that really needed to be an only llama.

#5 Steve retired this year, well he is semi-retired. He can’t retire from the farm, or from the Honey Do List that Myra has for him, that seems to grow instead of getting smaller.

#4 Myra is still at B&E Medical Equipment and couldn’t ask for a better place to work because she is able to take off to take care of things around the farm and sell her product and go to Kenya!

#3 Myra went back to Kenya and had another wonderful mission trip. She has found a comfort zone half way around the world. Don’t be afraid to follow your heart and listen to God!

#2 We have a Great-Grandson named Grayson, his parents are Kyla Grayson & Dustin Cremeans.

#1 We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this year! We are looking forward to many more.

A reminder that if you are on Facebook and are not my friend, please send me a request and be sure to like our GraysLland Acres page (Ll because of the llamas). That way you can keep up with the happenings on the farm.

  • If you get to Oklahoma, stop by and we will let you milk a goat and feed the llamas, and maybe even get a kiss my Myriah the llama.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your families!


Steve & Myra

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