Another week at Graylland Acres

Well, as you can see, Kris is growing. He seems to really like eating hay. He is getting faster, stronger and growing like a weed. So he is a little harder to catch to give him his daily baby vitamins. Once I do catch him he jumps around a little, then settles right now when he sees the vitamins. Then when he is finished, off he goes to see how fast he can run and how high he can jump.
The warm weather is nice and the snow is now gone, so now we have mud. Kris likes to run and jump and show off. His mama llama, Jolee, tolerates all this very well. She is getting use to me being out there twice a day and is a lot gentler than she was before. Maybe is wasn’t such a bad thing having Kris born when it was so cold.
Now that the weather has warmed up we have been able to turn off the heat lamp and are leaving the door to the barn open so they can come and go at night also.
I am going to have to get some pictures of Kris and the cats. They are really curious about each other. Mama llama, Jolee, just lets them walk all around her.
If our calculations are correct we will have another baby llama in 4 – 6 weeks. Ebony should be having her baby then. We are not exactly sure of the date, because we did not own her when she was bred, but due to the fact her baby, Dollie Llama will be a year old soon and Scout was in the same pen with them, I’m sure the natural thing happened and she is bred.
Llamas gestation is 51 weeks, so you bred them the month you want the baby to be born. We want to plan it where we have spring babies instead of fall and winter. That is what we do with the goats and now that we have a separate pen for Scout where he can’t get through the fence, it will make that easier to do.
I’m making progress with the spinning wheel, so maybe next week I’ll tell you a little about the learning process of spinning. It’s fun, but there is quite a learning curve.
I attended a meeting for the new Mayes County Farmers Market that will begin mid May. It will be a great outlet for my goat milk soaps and lotions that I’m working on and a great place to get fresh produce. I’m so excited that we have such a diverse group of people who are getting in on the ground level.
Stay turned for more about the spinning wheel, baby Kris llama and other happening at Grayslland Acres.
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