New look to website

We have been busy this spring and summer at GraysLland Acres.  We are very excited to be a “Made in Oklahoma” company, we have had that status for a couple of years now, but are still very excited about it.  We are also a member of Oklahoma Agritourism and Oklahoma Tourism.  If you go to any of those sites you should be able to find GraysLland Acres there.

We had 11 kids (baby goats) born this spring, 9 doelings and 2 bucklings.  We lost a nanny and her baby plus one of the buckling babies.  We kept 4 bucklings and were able to sell the others.  We also bought a new buck, two does and 3 kids.  We kept the buck and does, but sold the others.  It is nice to know that they all went to good homes.

Llamas are doing great and next summer we should have some baby llamas.  We are up to 5 llamas now.  Still have not had a chance to work on my spinning, but this winter that is one of my top priorities.

We have a new Great Pyrenees pup that was a rescue.  Dexter sure is taking good care of the baby goats.  He takes his job very seriously.

We will be at the Mayes County Fair and the Tulsa State Fair, so be sure to come out and say hello.

You can also find us on Facebook.  Be sure to go to the GraysLland Acres page to keep updates on what is going on.

Be sure and look around the website and let me know what you think.  I have a lot of product listed, so if you are wanting to find that unusual Christmas gift be sure and look at the products made from feed sacks and also the llama beans fertilizer.

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