Soap Making Mission Trip to Kenya

I will be leaving July 20, 2014 for my first mission trip.  I have often wondered why I had such a passion for soap making, I sure am not getting rich from it.  Well last fall at the Tulsa State Fair I found out why.  God has bigger plans for me and my skills of making soap from goats milk.  I was invited to go on a mission trip where I will be teaching the women there how to make soap from goats milk.  What a wonderful experience that will be.

I will be going with Bridges International Development.  They tell me that the women there are very eager to learn any and everything we can teach them. They are planning a Women’s Conference and I will demonstrate soap making there as well as a church and a school in the bush. Cost of the trip will be about $5,000.

Bridges International Development, Inc, is a Christian 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit organization working to win the heart of Africa for Jesus Christ by training peasant pastors, training women in scripture discipleship, by training women in tailoring and soap making, by assisting vulnerable and abused children.  Bridges has established various economic development projects such as milk goats, chickens, bees keeping, soap making and raising rabbits. You may want to check out their website:

If you would like to support me on my mission trip you can make a donation to Bridges International Development by making a check out to them and put my name /missions on the memo line.  You can either mail it to me or directly to Bridges International Development (just be sure to put my name/missions on the memo line, so I will know who to thank).

I have added new product to my shopping page.  You can order leather bracelets, that I am making, for $5.00 each.  100% of that money will go towards my mission.  I will be adding other items so keep checking back.  I plan to do bookmarks and cross necklaces.

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