Is there lye in our soap?

Is there lye in your soap? This seems to be a common questions about our soaps, so let me explain a little about soap making. The fact is that lye is indeed used to make soap. Soap, by definition, is the result of a chemical reaction between some kind of oil and lye. The reaction is called saponification. Very simply. Colors and fragrance can be added but it doesn’t get you any cleaner. We don’t add it so everyone can use our soap and not worry about allergies to fragrances and dyes.

Lye can be added by the soap maker, like we do when making our cold process soap, or it could have been added in a manufacturing facility. Some soap makers use a soap base that can be melted and then colored and scented. In that case, the soap maker doesn’t have to handle the lye, but it was still part of the process in becoming soap at the factory before the soap maker got it. No lye? No soap. Period.

The soap you buy at the store had lye, but they might list things like “sodium Palmate” which is the chemical name for the result of mixing Palm oils and sodium hydroxide – oil and lye again! Or maybe the label list “saponified olive oil”. Now that you know what saponification means, you can understand that saponified oils are oils that have been reacted with lye at some pint, even if the label doesn’t actually say “sodium hydroxide”.

Now I am sure some of your are thinking, “how can lye soap feel so good on my skin?” You might wonder if lye is used to make soap, why is handmade soap so gentle. The trick is that the lye gets used up during saponification. That’s right, the chemical reaction transforms the oil and lye into soap and glycerin. The soap cleans your skins, but not so much that all the oils are stripped off, and the glycerin is a humectant., Which means that it attracts moisture from the air and onto your skin. This helps your skin stay moisturized and supple.We even add extra glycerin during our soap making process.

Do don’t worry about using handmade soap, just enjoy all the benefits that is brings. Because the magic of chemistry has turned those oils and lye into something complete different and lovely; some of the best soap you can use on your skin.

Our soaps is even a better moisturising soap to use because we use goats milk. Generally speaking goat milk soap is highly sought after for its legendary skins healing and moisturising properties.

Graylland Acres Simply Goat Milk Soap has a pH level similar to our skins, which helps protect the skin for invading bacteria and chemicals we come in contact with every day. When you use one of our bars of soap, you are nourishing your skin, which is the largest organ of your body. You are doing your skin a favor by using our soap on a daily basis.

As mentioned before we don’t use perfumes or dyes in our soaps or lotions, keeping it natural, that is why we call it Simply!

People who suffer from skin allergies, winter itches, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin are frequent uses of goat’s milk soap.

Our soaps are made in small batches and aged to make them milder and longer lasting. If you take proper care of your bars of Grayslland Acres goat Milk Soap by keeping them in a soap dish that drains water away, they will last longer.

Commercial soaps have the natural occurring glycerin stripped out of them to resell to you in the form of beauty bars and lotions at a higher price. Our soaps have all of their natural occurring glycerin as well as added glycerin for that extra moisturizing benefit.

So as you can see goat milk is not only healthy for the inside of our bodies but also the outside. Goat milk’s small molecular structure means that its beneficial properties are easily absorbed through the skin. By making face soap out of goat milk you will have access of its natural emollients, which can sooth and moisturizer the delicate skins of your face. We add oatmeal to some of our soap so it works as a great exfoliate.

Why should you use Grayslland Acres Simple Goat Milk Soap?

    1. Becuse you can use it as a moisturizer. It is not hard like store bought sopaks, but soft and smooth to the touch. It leaves skin feeling silky smooth and doesn’t cause dryness.


  • You can also use it on your face as well as your whole body. It is not harsh to the skin. In fact, it can even replace your mositurizer! I recommend the oatmeal for the face, but it can be used for the entire body and the regular bars can be used on the face.
  • You should use goats milk soap because it is packeed with vitamins and minerals. How many soaps can offer your skin that? Goat milk soap is enriched with vitamin B6, B12, D and more. You will be doing your skin a favor by using this soap on a daily basis.



  • Did you know you can use this soap to soothe bug bites? Just apply a lather of the soap to the bite and let it sit for a bit before rinsing.



  • Some say it even works as a bug repellent. Just take a dry bar of soap and rub it around your ankles, wrists, etc and it will keep the ticks and chickers away.



  • If you have problems with acne try our soap. Reserach shows that this soap has a pH level similar to your skin along with other vitamins and minerals started above. This soap also diminishes bacteria from the skin while keeping your skin moisturized at the same time.


I hope this has been helpful and that you will want to try our wonderfuly Graylland Acres Simply Goat Milk Soap. It will be on the website soon.

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