Learn Why

Simply Goat Milk Soap


Grayslland’s Simply Goat Milk Soap is handmade, pure goat’s milk soap for face and body.

Why use Grayslland’s Simply Goat Milk Soap?

  • Goat milk soap is moisturizing. Unlike hard store bought soaps, Simply Goat Milk Soap is soft and smooth to the touch. Instead of removing the natural glycerines as commercial soap factories do, we keep the natural glycerine in the soap and enrich our soap further with additional glycerine. The result is silky skin!
  • Goat milk soap is good for face and body. Use Simply Goat Milk soap to cleanse your face as well as your whole body. Since its pH is like that of your skin, it is not harsh to the delicate skin of the face. Women, simplify your beauty ritual. Men, use this great soap to cleanse and to shave.
  • Goat milk soap is packed with vitamins and minerals! Goat milk soap has natural vitamin B6, B12, D and more. Vitamins can be absorbed through the skin, to nourish your face and body. People who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, and dry winter skin love goat milk soap.
  • Goat milk soap soothes bug bites. Just apply a lather of the soap to the bite and let it sit for a bit before rinsing. Simply Goat Milk Soap helps to soothe other irritations, too. Since its pH level is similar to that of your skin, it never irritates.
  • Goat milk soap is a scientific approach to clear skin. If you have problems with acne, try Grayslland Acres’ Simply Goat Milk Soap. With a pH level similar to your skin, plus the vitamins and minerals of wholesome goat’s milk, goat’s milk soap can reduce harmful bacteria on the skin without robbing it of moisture.

The molecules of goat’s milk are small enough to be absorbed by your skin, making the vitamins and minerals of natural, wholesome goat milk accessible to your skin when you use Grayslland’s Simply Goat Milk Soap. Protein, fat, and natural milk acids combine to create a naturally rejuvenating skin treatment.

Grayslland’s Simply Goat Milk Soap contains no perfume or dyes. We make it in small batches and then age it to make it milder and longer lasting. Keep your Grayslland’s Simply Goat Milk Soap in a soap dish that allows water to drain away for best results.

Our soaps are low lather soaps, made with natural plant and animal ingredients instead of the petroleum by-products that create high lather in detergents. You’ll prefer the gentle cleansing of Grayslland’s Simply Goat Milk Soap.