Doggie Shampoo Bars

Doggie Shampoo Bars

Give your dog a treat by giving them a bath with GrayLland Acre's The Crazy Goat Lady Doggie Shampoo Bars.


The Crazy Goat Lady Goat Milk Doggie Shampoo bars work great and will make your dogs smell better than “wet dog”.

The goat milk acts as moisturizer and the oatmeal helps sooth their skin.  You can get it either with citronella, or lavender buds. Ingredient for the Goat milk Doggie Shampoo bars: goat milk, Sodium hydroxide, virgin olive oil, coconut oil, Shea butter, Vitamin E, finely ground oats, honey,  and lard.



Size:Round bars are approximately 4 ounces and large bars are approximately 5 ounce.