Llama Beans (fertilizer)

Llama Beans (fertilizer)

Llama beans are terrific fertilizer for your plants. They resemble coffee beans, or rabbit poo and break down slowly, releasing their nutrients into your plants.

$5.00 — $20.00

Llama beans (or llama poo or llama manure) makes a great fertilizer. Our llamas are nice and even leave them in piles for us, so they are easy to harvest.  You can spread the “beans” around your plants, but we prefer the “tea” method.  To make liquid fertilizer, put 1 cup of llama beans in a gallon jug and fill with water.  When the water turns a nice tea color you can use it to water you plants. You can get close to 10 gallons of “liquid fertilizer” from this one cup of “beans” just keep adding water to the jug and use until it no longer turns a “tea” color.

Some advantages of using llama beans for fertilizer is the fact that there is almost no smell; they are extremely rick in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium; and they will not “burn” your plants.

We package them  in 1 cup, 1 quart and 1 gallon bags. For larger quantities you can visit the farm and we will let your “harvest your own beans”, just bring a container and we will even furnish the shovel!