Now we have gray llamas!

I would like to introduce you to our two new grey llamas! I am so excited that I will now have grey fiber to work with and make yarn out of. This is give me so many different, natural colors for the projects I hope to work on this fall and winter.

In the Money is a Suri Male and as you can see, he is a handsome guy. He will be three the 7th of June and is staying at Linda’s for a while. He is very friendly and hums all the time. He lets us go up and pet him, so we are going to have a lot of fun with him.

I’m waiting until Missy has her baby, then we can figure out who is going to go where. Missy is due the 25th, which is Sunday. I’m watching her real close, because there is no calendar in the nursery, so she might not know what day it is.

Here are a couple more picture of Money. I guess that is what we are going to call him. In the Money is just too long and I just can’t figure out a good nickname for him. I think he knows his name, so I don’t want to confuse him.

This sweet little girl is Kiss. She will be a year old on May 27th and is a bronze/silver. Her undercoat is silver and outer coat is bronze. I’m really curious to see what her fiber will look like spun into yard. She is a 1/2 sister to Money. They have the same mother, Roulette. Kiss has the right name because she likes to get up in your face and give you kisses. She comes right up to me in the pen and that is great. I can’t wait to start working with all of my llamas,
She spend a couple of weeks at Linda’s and I now have her in the “nursery”. She is making friends with everyone but mostly hangs out with Kris and Myriah.

I was looking around on the Internet for grey llamas and found Hard Rock Llamas in Ada Ohio. They had some really nice looking llamas for sale and I started E-mailing Mandy to see what they had available. Right away I decided on Kiss, because I love they way she looks and I love the name. She does live up to her name and likes to give kisses. Anyway once I decided I wanted a llama or two from them I mapped out a route to get to their farm and talked to Linda bout going with me to pick them up and she was all for the LONG trip to Ohio. I then E-mail Mandy to find out when would be a good time and she informed me they had planned a trip to Oklahoma City and if we could meet them someplace they would deliver them for us. So, sight unseen, I made a deal to purchase both Money and Kiss and to meet them at the Big Cabin Truck Stop, since they were travelling on I44.
Mandy called me from Joplin and I called Linda and told her I was on my way to pick her up to ride along with me. Steve had put the horse trailer on for me the night before and had me drive it to get gas, since I don’t have much experience pulling a trailer. We made it there just find and only waited about 10 minutes.
Now here we are in the middle of the truck parking trying to get my two llamas out of the trailer. They had separated Money from the girl llamas and had him in the front of the trailer. I guess he was tired, because he kept laying down while they were trying to get him out. Kiss was not a problem so they went ahead and got her out and I had Linda hold her while I held the door to the trailer. We didn’t want llamas loose in the parking lot! We finally got Money out and when we tried to load him into our trailer, he laid down again. We did get him up and got Kiss loaded and headed to Linda’s which was going to be their temporary home for a while. I think Linda and Kiss really bonded. Kiss hummed to her. If you have never heard a llama hum you need to experience it. It is such a sweet sounds.
We got them unloaded at Linda’s and got their water and food all set up. The pen has a lot of clover and it did not take them long to find it. Linda made sure they had water and would go out and talk to them and they would hum to her.
What a wonderful life we have at Grayslland Acres! I’m so glad my sister, Linda, is able to share with the fun part of the llamas. I think we might ever be able to talk her into a guard llama to put with her cows.
Missy, the llama, Jill & Echo, the goats are due next week, so I should have a lot to write about them.
We have ordered a llamas chute so we will begin shearing our herd in two or three weeks. Also the Soap House is shaping up, so as soon as PSO comes out to hook up the electricity and then we get the electrician and plumber back out we will be able to move out to the Soap House.
Until next time…
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