It’s a GIRL!

What a wonderful surprise we had this morning at 9:45. I would like to introduce you to Ebony and Scouts cria, MS MYSTIC MYRIAH!

Here she is at just minutes old. She weighed in at 28 pounds and is doing great. I had a feeling Ebony was going to have her baby this morning since it was raining and cool this morning.

I was on my way to get my hair cut and looked out and saw this little baby in the field. She was just been born, so I carried her inside the barn with Ebony following closely behind. Steve had just left for Tulsa so I called him to come back home “we have a baby!”. Then I called Laura to tell her I wasn’t going to make my appointment, then Linda to let her know.

I am helping Myriah stand up with mama llama, Ebony, humming to her baby. She is a very proud mama and is so calm with her new baby.

We have given mama and baby their shots. When Steve gets home we will give Myriah her enema. I know what a “fun” experience that is, after doing that for Kris back in December! What I do for my animals. But then again, I love every minutes of it.

Steve checking to see if we have a boy or a girl! We are so happy to have a girl, although we love our boys too. It is just that girl llamas will be able to give us baby llamas.

Most people consider llamas and goats livestock, we consider them our pets. If someone wants to know how many pets we have I have to count up, 11 llamas, 9 goats, 2 outside dogs, 2 cats, 2 inside dogs and a canary. Looks like that adds up to 27 pets!

This afternoon I will go open up the barn so Kris can come in and introduce him to his 1/2 sister, Myriah. They have the same daddy, Scout. I’m sure he will be glad to have someone to play with.

This picture was taken this afternoon. Myriah is running around, so I’m sure she is getting plenty of milk from mama llama, Ebony. I will weigh her again tomorrow afternoon to see if she is gaining and I will start giving her baby vitamins in the morning.

I made goat milk soap, goat milk lotion and some lip balm this past weekend, so I will have all of those items available at the Mayes County Farmers Market that begins May 15th. If you are in the area you will have to come check it out. Not only will you be able to buy my products, but also get fresh produce and plants. There are a lot of vendors that have already signed up so I feel it will be a big success and it is something we have needed in Pryor.

Stay tuned for more pictures of Myriah and Kris!

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