Grayslland Acres update

Well, it has been a quiet week at Grayslland Acres. I moved Ebony over with Jolie and Kris, with help from my sister, Linda, on Monday afternoon. She should be having her cria in two or three weeks, so I wanted them to get use to being together. Kris was confused having two mama llamas. Ebony had to set him straight that he did not belong to her. She had her ears back and got nose to nose with him and was humming to him. He must have understood because he ran over to him mama Jolie. I was afraid Dollie would be upset being separated from her mama, but after the first hour she was fine. She has really grown too.
We didn’t get any more snow, but it sure is muddy. I’m getting a little tired of walking in ankle deep mud to feed. I hope it will dry up before we have any more babies. The goat barn has now become the llama born. Missy is due the end of March, so I’ll be moving her over after Ebony has her baby. I opened up the barn, so they have more room to get in out of the cold. I now have they hay in Steve’s new machine shed.
The goats will be having their kids starting the end of March also. I can’t believe we already need another barn. Maybe it will be a mild spring and we won’t need to have everyone in the barn.
March and April will be a busy month with baby llamas, baby goats and starting milking. I’m looking into getting a milking machine this year. With possibility of 8 nannies, there is no one I want to milk them by hand. I found one I like, so I guess I’d better get it ordered so it will be ready when they are.
Steve hasn’t had any time to work on my soap house. He has been working 6 days a week. He has most of the wall covering on, and we have the floor covering and one cabinet and counter top ready to go in. Just need time to do it all. I’ll be really glad when I can get the soap making supplies out of the kitchen.
My first batch of goat milk lotion turned out okay, but it has to be kept in the refrigerator, so I’m going to see if I can find another recipe. I’m also going to be making beeswax lip balm. I’m trying to get everything ready for May 15th when we are having our first Mayes County Farmers Market in Pryor. I am so excited about it not only for a market for my soap, lotions and lip balm but be able to get fresh produce. It will be a win win for everyone.
No pictures this week, but I’ll get some next week. You won’t believe how Kris has grown.
Until next week…

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