by Tabitha Grayson

Hi, I am Tabitha but all my friends call me Tabi. I am 12 years old and Myra and Steve are my Grandma and Grandpa.

I moved here from Florida and I love it here. It has all kinds of animals, like llamas, goats, dogs and cats. Let me tell you about them.

We have 9 llamas, Scout, Ebony, Dolly, Gypsy, Queenie, Jackpot, Missy, Jolie, and last but not least, Dudley. 10 goats, Collinsville, Jill, Nora, Beauty, Barb, Echo, Lucky, Val, Bea and last but not least, Little Girl. 4 dogs, two outside and two inside. We have Duke, Duchess, Missy and Peaches. Duke and Duchess take care of the goats. And finally we have 2 cats, Feisty and Mittens. They can catch mice and they are in the barn. (To keep the cats home or not to run away we buttered their feet)

I personally would like to talk about a couple of animals. First, in the llama category we have Scout, one of the most hungriest and jealous llamas in the WORLD! He will eat out of all of the bowls and there are 5 of them. He will also follow you everywhere you go! And when there is a new llama he will get so jealous! He makes me mad but after we moved Dudley our little Scout got all sweet and nice again.

Cats, they are spaid so they won’t have babies. They are barn cats and are very fun to play with.

My Grandma and I read the best book about llamas called “Stop Spitting At Your Brother” written by Diane White-Crane. It was fun to read and helped me learn about llamas.

I love life on the farm. Come and visit! You can also E-mail me at and be sure to tell you parents we will have goat milk soap available the first of January 2010.

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